Highland Rim Aquatic Fertilizer (300 count bucket)


10-26-10 Highland Rim Aquatic Fertilizer Tablets. 300 count bucket. Net Wt. 7 lbs

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Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer gives newly planted aquatic plants a strong, early start. Developed by a water-garden nursery known worldwide for superior plants and products, our fertilizer is carefully formulated to promote maximum blooming potential. Highland Rim’s fast action 10-gram fertilizer tablets will go right to work, giving your plants a strong start and steady diet.


  • Specifically designed for water lilies and lotuses
  • Copper-free formula
  • Safe and nontoxic, will not harm aquatic life
  • Boosts resistance to disease, promoting healthier plants
  • Promotes plant vigor, maximum blooming potential
  • Will not crumble or break apart before you get them into plant containers
  • 300 count bucket



Place tab beneath growing media near roots of plant.
One tab per gallon of pot size during growing season.
Lillies/Lotus – once a month.
Marginals – once every 6 weeks.

Weight 7 oz


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