Organic Herb Fertilizer Tablets


3-3-3 Organic Herb Fertilizer Tablets. 2 oz package

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Winchester Gardens Organic Herb Fertilizer Tablets are packed with all-natural nutrients that help herbs flourish. These small, easy to use tablets are perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens. Simply press them below the soil and watch your plants thrive.


  • Organic Herb Fertilizer Tablets
  • Fertilizer releases as you water, slowly and safely
  • Small tablets are great for any size plant or pot
  • Natural, slow release formula promotes healthier soil and plants
  • Enhances micro-organism growth
  • Specially formulated for herbs
  • 2 oz. bag



Winchester Gardens Organic Herb Tablets are best used at planting.
Use 8 tabs per square foot per plant. Push tablets 1” below soil.
Refeed plants 4 to 6 weeks later or as necessary.

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