Tree-Start Fertilizer Spikes with Low Salt Index (18 count)


30-10-7 Tree-Start All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes. 18 count package. Net Wt. 3.9 oz (111 g)

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Get your trees started right. Simply push our Tree-Start All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes below the soil and watch your trees grow! Boosted with our special slow-release low salt and high nitrogen formula, these spikes give newly planted and young trees everything they need to survive and thrive.


  • Tree-Start All-Purpose Fertilizer Spikes
  • High in Nitrogen
  • Great for transplants and tender young plants
  • Formulated with high quality ingredients
  • Convenient application – no mess
  • Pre-measured dosage – no waste
  • Feeds at the root, targeted nourishment
  • 18 count package
*Actual spike color may vary.



1. Dig hole twice the size of root ball.
2. Position plant at appropriate level and backfill halfway up the root ball.
3. Place one spike approximately 1 inch from root tips and 4-6 inches below ground surface.
4. Fill in remaining hole and water.

Weight .24 oz


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