Palm Fertilizer Spikes (5 Pack)


8-4-8 Palm Fertilizer Spikes. 5 count package. Net Wt. 20 oz. (567 g)

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When used in the spring and fall, these unique Winchester Gardens Palm Fertilizer Spikes will help your palms grow strong and healthy. Simply push spikes below the soil and watch your palm trees thrive! Our spikes are specially designed to provide long-term nourishment.


  • Palm Fertilizer Tree Spikes
  • Specially formulated for palm trees
  • Encourages beautiful foliage and vibrant color
  • Easy to use – no mess, no run-off
  • Pre-measured dosage – no waste
  • Feeds at the root, targeted nourishment
  • 5 count package
*Actual spike color may vary.



If the ground is dry, wet the desired location before driving spikes.
For second application drive spike 1 ft. from previous setting.
Apply only as directed.

1. Place plastic cap on top flat portion of the spike.
2. Hammer spike into the ground 2 in. below the soil surface following the drip line. Protective eyewear recommended.
3. Spikes should be at least 3 ft. apart. For smaller trees with a drip line closer than 2 ft., insert spikes 2 ft. away from the center of the tree.
4. Be sure to remove and save plastic cap for use with remaining spikes.

Weight 1.25 oz


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