Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes with Micro-Nutrients (18 count)


5-15-5 Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes. 18 count package. Net Wt. 3.9 oz (111 g)

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Winchester Gardens Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes are perfect for your vegetable garden. We know how important it is to grow healthy plants for healthy lifestyles. Our special formula includes micronutrients that make your vegetables thrive, and our fertilizer spikes provide long-term nourishment to keep them healthy.


  • Vegetable Fertilizer Spikes
  • Great for any type of vegetable
  • Formulated with high quality ingredients
  • Easy to use – no mess, no run-off
  • Pre-measured dosage – no waste
  • Feeds at the root, targeted nourishment
  • 18 count package
*Actual spike color may vary.



Winchester Gardens Vegetable Spikes are best used at planting or early in the season.
Use two spikes per plant.
Push spikes 1″ below soil on opposite sides from each other in a circle about 5″ to 7″ away from the stem.
Refeed 8 weeks later.

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